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T’s & C’s for Residential Window Cleaning

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Welcome and thank you for choosing Clear Vision Window Cleaning to provide your window cleaning services. We have been established since 2005 and are proud of the reputation we have earned over the years in business. We value your custom and would like to take this opportunity to explain our terms and conditions.

By using our services, you agree to and accept our terms of business.

  1. For your first clean only there may be a small surcharge to cover any additional time required on the initial clean, this varies depending on property size and chosen frequency of your “regular” ongoing maintenance cleans.
  2. We will send out a reminder a few days before each visit, so it’s never a complete surprise to see us. It also means that you have prior notice of our arrival to give us access to the rear windows of your home. We ask that you leave any gates unlocked for us and upon completion we will close your gate and ensure your property is secure. We do our utmost to gain access to the back safely and will use ladders to go over your gate, if they are locked. This isn’t ideal especially if your gates are older and have a wobble, have trellises, spikes or chains etc. If we are unable to gain safe and respectful access to clean your windows on the back of your home, we will have to charge you the full agreed price of your visit. (If we currently only clean the front windows on your property as per the agreement, please understand that is what we will clean and what you will be charged for). We will only charge full price if we have agreed to clean all your windows, but cannot gain safe, respectful access to the back of your
  3. Our notification service is a complimentary service. We can only provide this if we hold current contact information for Please inform us of any changes to mobile, landline numbers and email addresses. You can expect to receive the reminder during the latter part of the afternoon, the day before your scheduled window clean. Please note that any cancellations or requests to skip the visit (for genuine reasons e.g., building work, unforeseen emergencies etc.) will need to be communicated to us before 7pm on the day you receive your reminder. This will enable us to offer your appointment to another customer. If you turn us away on the actual day of your scheduled clean, we reserve the right to charge you the full agreed price of your clean.
  4. We use a reach and wash pure hot water fed pole This enables us to reach even the trickiest of windows while working safely from the ground. This method of cleaning will dry naturally to give the best results. PLEASE DO NOT DRY THEM YOURSELF AS THIS WILL AFFECT THE DRYING PROCESS
  5. Our pure hot water cleaning system is incredibly effective at removing general dirt and grime from your windows. If you have builder’s residue (concrete, heavy grease, plaster, and paint, stickers or adhesives, staining / discolouration on your windows or frames from rust or chemicals and / or UV bleaching which can happen, please note that pure water will not be effective at removing Please notify us prior to your scheduled visit and we can discuss your options and any additional costs.
  6. We do offer a “traditional” method of window cleaning, which uses ladders, squeegees If this is your preferred method, please communicate this to us at the time of engagement. A traditional method may be subject to a surcharge. This will vary on each property depending on the size and chosen frequency.
  7. We provide our services all through the year which means that on occasions we will be out to clean your windows even in the rain. Due to the fact there are no significant impurities in rainwater, it does NOT affect our pure water system and the result. All work carried out in the rain is guaranteed for 24 hours, if you do have any issues, please notify us within 48 hours of the clean and we will re-clean to rectify any issues. Please note that if we attend your property and are turned away or asked not to complete the clean because of the rain, we reserve the right to charge you the full amount of the scheduled visit. NB. Severe weather conditions may cause us to cancel due to health & safety reasons for our team. If we are unable to clean your windows and will need to reschedule your visit for the health & safety of our team. We will give you as much notice as possible. Your scheduled window clean will be re-booked automatically as soon as we are able, and a notification will be sent out as per normal.
  8. Snow or sub-zero temperatures – Just like rainwater snow has no effect on pure water cleaning. However, during extremely cold weather we may ease cleaning due to water freezing and our employee
  9. We operate on a 100% satisfaction We promise that the results we achieve (even in the rain) will be the same regardless of the weather. Providing you (the customer) informs us of any issues or concerns you have once your windows have dried naturally and within 48 hours of the visit, we will re- clean your windows at no extra charge to rectify the problem. Please note we operate a no refund policy; however, we will do our utmost to achieve outstanding results every visit, providing we are made aware of any problems.
  10. We offer a choice of “regular” frequencies. These are 4, 6, 8 or 12 weekly cleans. Your price per visit has been quoted based on the frequency you decide to proceed with. You as the customer can alter your frequency at any time, however, please be mindful that the longer you leave in between cleans may incur an additional cost per The surcharge is calculated on the length of time the scheduled clean takes us to complete, which is dependent on how dirty your windows, sills and frames are upon arrival. Windows and frames displaying signs of green algae and long-standing black dirt and grime are more than likely to require additional time, work and water.
  11. We ask for some flexibility on the approximate date of your next clean, especially now we have Covid- 19, sickness, extreme weather systems, vehicle breakdown, holidays and other seasonal factors to account for, although we do strive to stick to the schedule.
  12. All customer information is kept on a confidential CRM system and is not shared or discussed with any individual or company. We operate a strict GDPR data protection policy.
  13. If you feel the need to complain about our services, please contact us within 48 hours and we will return the next working day to re-clean your windows at no charge to you. Any complaints logged after 48 hours will not be covered under this customer satisfaction guarantee.
  14. Customers joining our regular window cleaning schedules are required to pay either in cash (at the time of your clean), online bank transfer or by debit / credit card within 7 days of your clean), by calling the office on 023 80 477 912. We also offer a GoCardless DD payment option which will be set up to coincide with your chosen frequency. Regular customers are expected to settle their account in full within seven days. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please notify us and we will do our best to help you by offering a suitable payment As part of our due diligence, we will clean your windows on three separate occasions (without payment) whereupon we will assess the situation and place your account on hold until payment is received, or a payment plan is put in place. Customers choosing to settle their accounts with card payments over the phone can rest assured we will process any payments during the telephone call. Clear Vision will never write down or store your personal financial information to be processed later. We will attend your property on three separate scheduled window cleaning visits. If your account shows an outstanding balance for the three cleans, we will make your address inactive, until payment has been settled in full. We will then reactivate your window cleaning service. Failure to settle your outstanding balance within 30 days will result in legal proceedings against you. We understand mistakes happen and payments may not go through for various reasons. Any missed payment that are paid within 7 days will not incur an additional cost. Please see our cancellation & fees section for missed payments, not paid within 7 days.
  15. Customers opting to book a one-off service such as a full wash down, gutter empty, jet or soft washing, carpet or oven clean, who are not joining our “regular” schedule will be required to either pay in advance or upon satisfactory completion of the work. We can provide you with an invoice upon completion of the
  16. If you have powder coated window frames, we need to be made aware of this prior to booking us to clean your windows. This is due to the method of cleaning that is required for this type of finish.
  17. Due to our health & safety compliance, insurance purposes and commitment to our team, we do not advocate the walking across your roof tiles, conservatory roof or over any part of your property that we deem unsafe.
  18. If you have pets that mess in the back garden, please ensure this is cleaned up prior to our arrival. We will NOT clean any areas where animal faeces are present, however you will still be charged the cost of a full clean, as agreed and evidence will be provided to you. If any employee or equipment is contaminated with animal faeces whilst cleaning your property, you will be charged additional fees due to loss of earnings whilst cleaning and disinfecting all clothing and equipment. Please our cancellations & Fees sections for more information on these charges.
  19. Please note that from time to time we come across loose vents within your window If for any reason these fall out, we will do our best to pop them back in securely. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for the replacement if these are already loose.
  20. If for any reason you decide to cancel our services, you can do this in writing at any time. The email address to cancel your service is By agreeing to use our “regular” window cleaning service you are committing yourself to a minimum of 4 scheduled window cleans to be completed over your chosen frequency. Upon completion of your 4 window cleans, a rolling monthly agreement will come into play. We cannot accept cancellation of your ongoing service on the day of your scheduled clean as we will have already allocated the appointment to Cancellations after one visit (when a “regular” window cleaning service has been requested and agreed), will be subject to a“one off” clean price at 3 times the “regular” quoted price.

Cancellations & Fees

Please be aware that all cancellations must be made at the earliest opportunity. We do NOT accept cancellations on the day of your clean, or on the doorstep. Nor do we accept cancelations due to the weather conditions.

Please see below for a full list of our fees.








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